Mobile Card Reader

  • Bluetooth card reader with app
  • Compatible with any mobile device
  • Send receipts via text or email
  • FREE placement available: $85 Value*

Accept payments wherever, whenever.

Smarter features for a faster way to pay.

MobilePay and Clover Go Mobile Card Readers

  • MobilePay App
    Send email and text receipts
  • MobilePay Bluetooth Reader
    Accept chip cards and magstripe
  • Clover Go App
    Connects to 200 additional apps
    Send email and text receipts
  • Clover Go Bluetooth Reader
    Accept contactless payments, chip cards, and magstripe

See a transaction in action.

Mobile Processing Capabilities

Mobile is more important than ever, especially when it comes to doing business. With Low Merchant Rates’ mobile credit and debit card processing, you can accept payments and track sales anytime, anywhere.

  • Mobile application
  • Plug and swipe
  • Send receipts
  • Easy tipping

MobilePay Solutions

MobilePay gives you a more portable way to run your business with a wide range of features, flexible payment applications, and next-level security that goes everywhere your business does.

  • Payment application for smartphones and tablets
  • EMV-ready
  • Encryption and security
  • 24/7 technical support

How a Mobile Card Reader works for your business

  • Ready for any device
    Whether you’re processing payments storefront or completely mobile, the MobilePay app turns your smartphone or tablet into a POS, allowing you to accept card transactions or record cash-based sales.
  • Payments with peace of mind
    With end-to-end wireless transaction technology, MobilePay exceeds industry-standard security and encryption requirements to offer a more secure payment platform.
  • Affordable options
    Supporting 10 active devices per account, MobilePay gives you the option to add sub-users and additional portable card readers so you can take more payments on the go and expand your POS capabilities for less.

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