• Customizable to your business
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Automatic email payment reminders
  • No setup fee

Finally, a faster and easier way to get paid.

Invoicing with your Authorize.Net account through Low Merchant Rates gives you the power to get paid how you want, when you want, from automated features to a robust dashboard that lets you search, sort, and filter.

Customize Your Billing

Send invoices with customizable email options that help you reinforce your brand and tailor your message with every payment.

  • Add your logo and choose your own colors and fonts
  • Create personal notes

Offer More Convenience

Authorize.Net’s mobile-friendly technology lets your customers receive and pay invoices right from their phone.

  • Keep customers coming back with a fast and secure way to pay
  • Works with any mobile device

Do Business Your Way

From automated features to an easy-to-use dashboard, Authorize.Net gives you the freedom to organize your invoicing in ways that make sense for you and your business.

  • Use your dashboard to filter invoices by sent, paid, canceled, or drafted
  • Set automatic email reminders for unpaid or overdue invoices

Stay Protected

With automated receipts, fraud protection, and around-the-clock support, Authorize.Net offers a seamless and more secure way to pay—and get paid.

  • Choose a plan that fits your business needs
  • Reliable, 24/7 support

Invoicing for every business.

Collect payments confidently with a faster and more simplified invoicing solution. Find one that is right for your business.

Ready to take your invoicing to the next level?