Gift Card Program

  • 70+ design templates
  • Sell and redeem from customers’ phones
  • Reduce fraud with physical & digital cards
  • Increase sales

Build your brand—and your bottom line.

Low Merchant Rates' Gift Card Program by Clover offers physical and digital options with the features you need to grow your brand, your customer base, and your sales.

Drive Loyalty with Physical or Digital Cards

Merchants can choose between physical or digital gift cards and enjoy a wide range of custom options that are ready in minutes.

  • Physical cards: Choose from 70+ easy-to-use templates or upload your own
  • Digital cards: Easily sell or redeem gift cards that work on any smart device

Increase Sales

From a simple, secure checkout process to seamless store credit issuing, Clover Gift Cards helps you build sales and customer loyalty.

  • Issue store credit right from your device
  • Sell and redeem cards from customers’ phones

Reduce Fraud

Unlike gift certificates, which can be lost, stolen, or counterfeited, digital or physical card options mean less fraud and more peace of mind.

  • Easily manage card inventory
  • Track sales with gift card reports

Gift Card Programs for every business.

Increase customer retention and revenue with a gift card program that performs. Find the one that’s right for your business.

Ready to take your gift card program to the next level?