Business Card Processing Fees
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Credit card processing fees are paid by merchants for each credit card or debit card transaction. The fee is predetermined by your merchant services provider and usually involves the following components: interchange fees, assessment or service fees, and any markup.

How much are processing fees?

Typically there are several factors that go into the merchant’s credit card fees. We break them down and suggest reading them to better understand how much you and other businesses are paying — and more importantly what you can do to dramatically lower these costs.

Card Fees

Flat pricing

Flat pricing is exactly what it sounds like. You pay one flat fee for all transactions. This usually hovers between 1.75% – 3% and includes a per transaction fee.

Tiered pricing

Tiered plans group different card types and card member associations into “tiers” — most typically three general rates. So depending on the card a customer uses, you’ll be charged one of three rates that applies to that transaction. This includes gift cards, reward cards, American Express vs. Mastercard, etc.

If you’re currently on tiered pricing, it may be worth analyzing what types of cards your customers pay with most often and consider switching to interchange pricing if you have the chance to save money.

Interchange pricing

Interchange pricing is the most granular approach to pricing. Every cardmember association charges different processing fees depending on the card and manner in which it was run, so instead of bundling them together into a flat rate, interchange pricing just charges based on the card type and a small fee called the discount rate on top of that.

  • No Setup Fee With there is never a setup fee. If you would like to process payments through your phone we offer a brand new free card reader that is compatible with any iPhone or Android device. There is also no setup fee to download and start using the app. We also offer free second day shipping and training on how to use the terminal.
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  • Wholesale Rates offers wholesale processing rates usually reserved for big box retailers to all of its merchants. If you have not had a statement analysis in a while you are probably paying too much in processing costs. Call us today and we will put together a details cost savings analysis for you. You have nothing to lose.
  • Live Customer Support Whenever you call a live person will always answer the phone, day or night 365 days a year. No more automated phone systems. We have some of the lowest hold times in the industry with an average pick up rate of under 15 seconds. Have peace of mind that if you ever have questions about your payment processing equipment or transactions that someone is always going to pick up the phone and be able to assist you.

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