Check Services

  • Reduce fraud and minimize risk
  • Lower processing costs
  • Checks approved instantly
  • Receive funds faster

Check payments just got more powerful.

Turn paper checks into secure electronic payments at the time of sale with Low Merchant Rates' Check Acceptance by Clover.

Get Funds Faster

Eliminate the wait—and the extra trips to the bank—with a fast, affordable, and secure check processing system that helps you maintain cash flow.

  • Accept checks with one picture
  • Approved checks paid within two business days

Reduce Risk

Utilizing TeleCheck’s powerful warranty service, Clover Check Acceptance provides protection and peace of mind with every transaction.

  • Lessen chargebacks and fraud loss
  • Get notified of check declines in seconds

Capture Every Sale

Clover Check Acceptance gives your customers the flexibility to pay their way while giving you more confidence.

  • Keep customers happy with the payment option they want
  • Improve cash flow with fast processing and funding

Check Services for every business.

Maintain happy customers and your cash flow with faster, simpler, and more secure check services. Find the one that’s right for your business.

Ready to take your check services to the next level?