Cash Discount Program

  • Pay 0% for your processing rates
  • Processing cost passed to customer
  • Legal and compliant in all 50 states
  • FREE credit card terminal or reader

It’s time to start paying 0% for your processing rates.

Cash Discounting is quickly becoming the most popular form of payment acceptance today. Join thousands of other small businesses across the country that are saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on their processing fees.

See how it works

Boost your bottom line by keeping more of what you earn.

Low Merchant Rate's Cash Discount Program is easy to implement so that you can start saving. Enroll today and get the in-store materials you need to let your customers know exactly how much they can save—so that you can.

We provide you with:

  • Easy-to-use signage to place at your business entrance and point-of-sale
  • Payment processing equipment with pre-installed software ready to utilize the Cash Discount Program
  • Robust back-office reporting to monitor transaction history and savings

Frequently Asked Questions

With Low Merchant Rate's Cash Discount Program, your business will pay 0% for your processing rates while offering your customers a discount they’ll be happy to cash in.

Low Merchant Rate's Cash Discount Program passes the cost of accepting credit card payments to your customer. Customers who pay with cash receive a discounted price compared to customers that pay with a credit card. Cash Discount pricing lets business owners enjoy the same profit margins on cash payments and non-cash payments by including processing fees into the price of sales made by customers paying by credit card.

Yes! Cash Discounting is legal in all 50 states and is gaining in popularity every day. The Durbin Amendment, as part of the Financial Reform Act, permits businesses to offer a discount to customers not paying by credit card as a way to incentivize them to pay by alternative methods.

After enrolling in Low Merchant Rate's Cash Discount Program, we provide merchants with signage indicating that their business is partaking in the program to display at their entrance and point of sale.

Recent studies have shown that Cash Discounting does not affect consumer behavior and that over 99% of the time, Cash Discounting was not an issue at the point of sale, thus having no impact on sales.

In some areas of the United States, Cash Discounting is already the most popular form of payment acceptance. Current economic conditions have accelerated the adoption of Cash Discounting and for good reasons: merchants need to save every penny they can and consumers want to support the businesses in their communities. With Low Merchant Rate's Cash Discount Program, you can offer your services and products to consumers at prices they can afford, all while keeping 100% of the money you’ve earned.

Pay 0% processing rates with our Cash Discount Program


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